Agreement Between Us And El Salvador

McAleenan must prioritize such agreements in order to slow the flow of migrants fleeing corruption and persecution in their home countries by forcing them to seek refuge elsewhere. Compared to Guatemala, however, fewer migrants pass through El Salvador. The United States and El Salvador signed an agreement on Friday to discourage the influx of migrants wishing to enter the country by asking them to seek asylum in the Central American nation. Yesterday`s agreement with El Salvador is another step towards strong regional partnerships in the area of migration. These partnerships aim to provide local protection and end the border crisis. Link to video: The agreement will enable the two countries to strengthen their “strong partnership” and “address the problem of irregular migration in a common and humane way that will contribute to increased prosperity and security in the region.” When the United States signed its “safe third country” agreement with Guatemala, Trump administration officials said the migrants would be returned to Guatemala in August as part of the agreement. Officials in both countries have lowered this label because it carries a stigma and instead refer to the label as a “cooperation agreement”. “When this agreement comes into force, the United States will force the most vulnerable communities to seek safety in a country unable to protect its own citizens or provide economic opportunities,” said Oscar Chacon, executive director of Alianza Americas, a network of immigrant-led organizations. At a signing ceremony in Washington, D.C., Kevin McAleenan, acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, and Alexandra Hill Tinoco, Secretary of State of El Salvador, called an “asylum cooperation agreement.” However, they did not provide information on how the agreement works, when it will come into force, or who it will affect. The cooperation agreement will improve opportunities to protect vulnerable populations and ensure that vulnerable groups are not victims of smugglers, the statement said. As soon as the agreement enters into force, it will strengthen protection systems in the region. NEW YORK (AP) – The United States signed an agreement Friday that paves the way for the United States to send many asylum seekers to one of the world`s most violent countries, El Salvador.

Guatemalan government officials are still working on implementing a “safe third country” agreement with the United States, signed earlier this summer. McAleenan said the agreement had advanced El Salvador`s commitment to develop an asylum framework with the help of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. McAleenan, who called the agreement a “big step forward,” and Hill Tinoco discussed U.S. aid to make El Salvador a safer and more prosperous place for its citizens. Hill Tinoco talked about the end of gang power. The agreement appears to allow El Salvador to take in migrants from third countries who would otherwise attempt to enter the United States.