Information And Technology Agreement

Chart 2 ITA expansion: estimated value of trade covered by the agreement, per member, 2011-2013 The Office of Health and Information Technologies (OHIT) helps U.S. companies increase international sales and business opportunities abroad in the fields of health and information technology in the fields of it and networks, microelectronics, telecommunications , instrumentation, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and health technologies by monitoring business and economic trends in the health and information technology sectors and providing data on trade and global markets. and influence the evolution of U.S. trade policy in these areas. Under the Information Technology Agreement, commonly known as ITA, participants removed all import duties on a wide range of computer products. Below is a list of current signatory countries, which account for about 95% of global trade in COMPUTER products, and a list of the few countries that have been allowed to delay their tariff reductions for a handful of products. The aim of the treaty is to reduce all taxes and tariffs on information technology products by the signatories to zero. [2] The Information Technology Agreement (ITA) is a multi-lateral agreement, obtained by the World Trade Organization (WTO), concluded in 1996 in the Ministerial Declaration on Trade in It-Tech Products, which came into force on 1 July 1997. Since 1997, an official WTO committee has overseed the following declaration and its implementation. [2] The agreement was extended in 2015. [3] The wide range of information technology products for which tariffs have been removed under this agreement are included in Schedules A and B of the Annex of the Agreement. Recognizing the rapid advances in computer technology, the agreement calls for an annual product review to extend coverage to new products.

The WTO ITA Committee has also begun work on non-tariff measures for the sector. The designated controller can also provide you with additional information and contacts. This agreement may benefit any company wishing to export one of the computer products covered in the agreement to one of the signatory states.