Location Agreement Form

A 6-part agreement on the film site that covers all aspects between the production company and the filming location. Permission to enter and register the property: This is the centerpiece of any location agreement. You should have the right to enter and make registrations on the property. The agreement should indicate the location, dates and time you will be added to it. It may also contain a provision that allows you to return to the property for additional records if necessary. Typically, a site sharing form is completed well in the head of production day. It is also recommended that you carry a copy of the site sharing form on the day of production. It will help you in the event of a dispute over your right to shoot in the specified location. Determine exactly what production compensates and when the site owner for use of the storage location.

If you haven`t done a tech-scout yet, you should do so before securing the site. You don`t want to sign papers and move forward until you know that the location works for your team and your production. This will determine when and for how long the owner of the production authorizes access to his property. Squeeze as much time as you can here. Ownership representation: The agreement should include representation of the owner, whether he owns the property or has the authority of the owner and has the power to grant all rights to the agreement. Remember that someone who rents only a property may not have that kind of authority; A tenant`s permission cannot protect you from action by the landowner. Once you`ve filled out the site sharing form and your site owner has signed it, you can get your permission to locate the city or county! Counter-parts: “counterparties” means that the agreement is valid, although each party has signed a different copy. In other words, each party can sign separately (even at different locations), and the agreement is mandatory once all parties have signed. Counterpart`s language is very common and often added to ensure that a facsimile or electronic copy will be as effective as an original copy.