Market Data Agreement Questrade

Get premium market data on the most liquid exchanges in the U.S. as well as selected Canadian streaming data. Kyle, I checked the conditions and it says it`s only for 30 days. If you are trading more actively, you need to subscribe to market data… Click The snap offer for real-time prices? Ain`t no body got time for that! Order type: Here you can choose to hire a market, limit or stop ordering for your trade. Advanced order types such as trailing stops and stops are also available for experienced dealers. Of course. If you find that you want to change your data, log in to Questrade and select the Market Data tab. However, if you are an active trader who needs a deep look at the markets, we have you covered. You can subscribe to additional Level 1 -2 data paid for real-time information on trading volumes, prices, market makers, time-sale and more. You can choose from one of our three data packets or from individual add-ons. Ready for the best part? If you subscribe to one of our advanced Canadian or U.S.

data packages, you will not only get detailed market data, but you will also reduce your commission structure. Questrade`s financial accounts/reports are very rudimentary. I had to have my accountant draw up a new calculation table that captures all trades and komms (because QT provides data separately) and calculates current profits/losses. This showed dozens of errors on the QT side (all in their favor btw). Now I`m sorting it out. The problem is that they want me to prove every item and make a separate claim for each article. It takes a lot of time. Questrade Democratic: For the majority of investors, standard democratic questrade pricing is the best offer. Prices are fair, transparent and limited for regular stock market transactions. While there are discounts on monthly market data packages if they issue more commissions, the Questrade Advantage active trading program only makes sense if customers spend $100 or more in a substantial way in monthly commissions. It also depends in large part on the average size of your order and your business style.

Get Level 1 live data streaming from U.S. and Canadian exchanges You can`t buy/sell in the market.