What Is A Tenancy Agreement In French

It is also possible to sign the agreement by an emergency physician, an approach that costs a few hundred euros, but which offers the possibility of greater neutrality in the constitution of the agreement. Instead, the entire agreement is executed on the basis of an email exchange and/or an oral agreement. In most cases, it works satisfactorily. The rent may be increased annually, either to an amount and date of verification agreed in the lease agreement, or, in the absence of that amount, it may be increased annually at the time the contract is signed. It is possible to have an undated contract for only one year, but only if indicated in advance, and only for professional or employment-related reasons. Property owners built before January 1, 1949 must also attach a report from the CREP (Plomb Exposure Risk) outlining the risk of lead poisoning in the building. This CREP must accompany any new or renewed lease. It is also illegal for an owner to refuse the reception of pets to accommodation, whether for rental accommodation or annual vacation. This applies in particular to the right to a minimum rent of one year if it is set up and three years, if not furnished. The minimum term of a tenancy agreement is also regulated by law.

For non-flower rentals, it is three years; for furnished real estate, it is one year, although it is possible, in certain circumstances, to enter into a “mobility rental contract” for less than one year since 2019. For unfurnished dwellings, the amount of the refundable deposit (attention or guarantee) must not be greater than the value of the rent of one month paid in advance when signing the rental agreement. In addition, the rent for the first month must be paid simultaneously. For furnished apartments, the maximum deposit is not set by law. In addition to the name of the tenant and the indications of the property, the contract must also indicate the start date of the tenancy, the duration of the lease, the method of use of the property, the amount of the rent, the amount of the deposit and the size of the property (only for unfurnished rentals). Write and sign with the owner an inventory and status report (status) that accompanies the lease. Make a list of connections, devices and their condition and condition of the property. As a result, most leases are entered into in writing, with the rights and obligations of each party clearly defined. The rental agreement is called a deposit (pronounced “bye”) or formally in the opposite place.

The lease agreement is accompanied by the state report and the Energy Efficiency and Asbestos Investigation Reports (see below, “Investigations”). Many expatriates, who rent for a long time in a non-French household, do not make sure that a lease is prepared.