Seaspan Vancouver Shipyards Collective Agreement

G. OTHERS1. The employer undertakes to enter a cheque for a dismissed worker as a means of payment for all hours earned before the day of dismissal. A final adjustment cheque is established within two (2) working days following the day of dismissal. Workers dismissed at the end of an afternoon or cemetery team or who worked overtime on the day of dismissal must obtain from their postmaster the release of the farm (in case of return of tools, clothing, equipment, etc.) provided by the company.2. Any existing wage premium intended to be pursued by the people who receive it.3. The Court`s current practice with respect to stolen property continues.4. It is agreed between the parties that the statutory floating holiday will be celebrated during the Christmas period on a date acceptable to both parties.5. It was agreed that the Section 12.04 premiums will not apply to work performed by Vancouver Shipyards Co. Ltd. at Esquimalt Graving Dock.6. The payslips show cumulative periods of pay for leave.7. The contracting parties agreed to establish joint EU/EU management committees to discuss criteria and alternatives to the retirement of trainees and the solution of the criteria for linking trainees to disability management 8.

Contracting parties agree to exchange apprentices between shipyards for training purposes.9 The contracting parties agree that the rate of apprentices will be between one (1) apprentice and four (4) companions, but this relationship may be modified in circumstances such as those that cover it if the activity and commercial needs support it; either to host specific training/work with an end of travel; or for the commitment of apprentices. Any changes are made by mutual agreement between the company and the Union concerned and are not unduly accepted. Apprentices are properly monitored at all times. 32 The 65 members of the IAM are made up of mechanics, mechanics and heavy mechanics. The other unions involved in the new agreement are IBEW, A/U, Marine and Shipbuilders and Move Up (COPE). LOCAL 213 MARINE – SHIPBUILERS – LOCAL 506 APPENDIX “A” LETTERS OF UNDERSTANDING APPLICABLE TO ALL SIGNATORY UNIONSA. FEDERAL CONTRACTORS PROGRAM (EMPLOI EQUITY) In light of the new federal legislation on the federal contract program and the obligation to confirm the equal employment policy, the company and the unions confirm their intention to promote the goals of equal employment in the workplace. When real or artificial barriers arise to the promotion of these objectives, the parties consult. If it is found that the practices or conditions imposed by the collective agreement are effectively an obstacle the contracting parties set aside or will amend the agreement between the signatories, to correct the situation and, in the end, achieving compliance with all the following guidelines and the law of government policy in this regard.B. UC: UC: RECALL Effective for the duration of the collective agreement if the company increases the work force beyond the standard two-year seniority limit: 1. The Union sends former employees in order of their former three-year seniority period.