Small Group Agreement

5. Respectful listening – involves the expectation that the group will listen carefully to someone who shares and that only one person will speak at a time. A group agreement places all members on a level playing field. You know what is acceptable and what is abound. For fundamental but important points, such as when the meeting starts at the beginning and the end, the group knows what to count on. When members have to go back to work or put children to bed one night of school, they will know when it is acceptable to leave. I recently bought the sorry board game for my family. We have read all the rules, but to limit frustration with my young children, we have changed some of the rules. They do not need the exact number to bring their farmer home. It`s working for us now. Later, we may have to make up for the difficulty of the game.

You see, there are the official rules, and then there are the internal rules. Your group agreement should be the internal regulation of your group. The rules may change over time, but the most important thing is that the rules currently work for the whole group. As a leader, you shouldn`t do everything for your group. It is simply not healthy, and it deprives others of ways to serve in the service. If your group intends to take responsibility for managing the discussion, group orientation, providing refreshments, divine service, continuing prayer requests and any other gifts you may give, your consent should include the expectation that each member will serve in one way or another. Many people skip this step when they work with groups, whether in a short-term event or in a long-term environment such as a classroom. However, it is a large part of prevention that can help succeed in a group experience.

There are many ways to enter into group agreements that allow each member to participate in the group environment and results. As a bonus, it helps leaders and moderators cope with all the difficult behaviors that emerge. Build relationships To meet and pray regularly for other members of the group. Keep the agreement for use in future meetings or workshops with the same group, but register each time to make sure everyone is always satisfied. You can, for example, add something to the agreement. Mental Health In order to give the group members permission to speak in my life and help me lead a healthy and balanced spiritual life that pleases God, your group agreement will not last the time. Circumstances change. Groups change. While you would always include things like confidentiality and shared responsibility, your day of meeting, place, time, study and so on will change over time. Group agreements should be reviewed at least once a year to ensure that it still works for everyone. Group Visit To prioritize group meeting (call if I`m away or too late) Some people are hesitant to join groups because they fear being asked to do something they simply don`t feel comfortable with.

Do they have to pray out loud? Do they have to read? What if they don`t read very well? The group agreement helps them understand whether these things are voluntary or mandatory. Be confidential in order to keep everything shared strictly confidential and to leave within the group at least 30 minutes to obtain a group agreement.