Washington State Department Of Health Physician Assistant Delegation Agreement

In a new amendment to existing legislation, the Washington Medical Commission will no longer determine whether the practice agreements reflect the medical assistant`s qualifications. Instead, it is the physician`s responsibility to determine the mandate of the medical assistant and the supervision necessary for certain procedures or areas of practice. It is also the responsibility of the doctor or his agent to verify the qualifications of a medical assistant. Under current legislation, medical assistants can sign any documents that their supervisory physician can sign as long as the documents fall within the scope of the delegation agreement. HB 2378 adds a subsection RCW 18.71A.090 which states: “A physician is not obligated to counter orders that are written in a patient`s clinical record or in an official form by a medical assistant with whom the physician has a practice agreement.” The Washington Medical Commission is required to inform stakeholders of these changes. Medical assistants, supervisory physicians and hospital staff should be alert to updates and instructions from the Washington Medical Commission. In an amended proclamation for the admission of health care, the governor temporarily withdraws the need for an AP delegation agreement allowing state doctors to use the Paas immediately to support the pandemic, without a delegation agreement having to be reviewed by the Washington Medical Commission. The Washington Academy of Physician Assistants establishes a list of AP volunteers by counties ready and able to reach health personnel to assist in the COVID-19 response. If you are a PA who wishes to work voluntarily at a hospital in your county or another neighbouring county, email wapa@wapa.com. The Governor`s proclamation also temporarily waives certain licensing requirements for allopathic and osteopathic physicians to enable ongoing health care during the pandemic, including: As of July 1, 2021, the osteopathic medical assistance license under Chapter 18.57A RCW is replaced by the medical assistance license contained in 18.71 RCW.