Agency Group Home Agreement

After being in foster care for 12 months, ACS must obtain court authorization in order to keep your child in accommodation. ACS or the care agency must apply and ask the court to verify your child`s status. This is called “revision 392”, depending on the part of the social law that describes the revision. The petition must state what the Agency wants the judge to decide and what is the sustainability goal for your child Once your child is in foster care, you have the same rights and duties as any other parent with a foster child. Their rights include access rights; the right to services to enable your child to return home; the right to authorize all medical care (with the exception of routine and emergency care); the right to approve decisions on education; the right to see your child`s doctor and your child`s school. The administrator may tell you that if you do not agree to place your child in foster care, ACS will take you to court. Even if you are told, do not feel obliged to sign this agreement; You should only sign it if you really think it`s the best thing you can do for your child. Permission to place one of your children in foster care does not mean that you have to place all your children. Every child has a different situation.

(p) “voluntary mediation agreement” means a written agreement between the district welfare authority, the parole service or the Indian tribe that has entered into an agreement in accordance with section 10553.1, a licensed public or private adoption agency or adoption service and the parents or legal guardians of a child, in which: who then decides on the custody of my child – me or the care centre? 2. The rights and obligations of the parents or legal guardians, the child and the child`s place of accommodation. 2. An agreement under subsection (1) between a creditor or former creditor, former or other, to the family members referred to in paragraph 4.5 (from section 11360) or 4.7 (from section 11385) and to the body responsible for Kin-PAC benefits, provided that the former creditor or municipality, which is not endless, meet the conditions described in paragraphs 11403.01, or one or more of the provisions of paragraphs 1 to 5, including subdivision b of the conditions described in article 11403.  For the purposes of this paragraph and paragraph 3, the concept of “not or formerly dependent or common” has given the same meaning as in subdivision (aa). (h) `group home` means a private, unused, non-profit residence of any capacity or a care home operated by the County of San Mateo, without a licence, with a maximum capacity of 25 beds, which accommodates dependent and supervising children in a group home within the meaning of section 1502(13), subdivision (a) of the Health and Safety Act. If you want your children to be returned to you (even if this happens before a date or event written in the contract), you must send or give your manager or his superior a letter to request your children. If you send the letter by e-mail, send it either to your manager or to his superior. Be sure to keep a copy to yourself. This is called the “request” for the return of your children. The Agency has 20 days to respond; If the Agency does not believe that your children should go home at that time, ACS can go to court and file a neglect petition against you to prevent your children from being returned.

(j) `permanent hearing` means a hearing of the Youth Court which defines the future status of the child, including whether to bring the child home or to draw up another permanent plan. . . .