Health Services Agreement Wa

The Policy Framework, edited by the Ministry`s CEO as System Manager, sets out the mandatory legal and financial framework that all healthcare providers must adhere to in order to ensure effective and consistent approaches to meeting the state government`s budgetary and financial procedures and requirements. and the processes of purchasing and allocating resources across the VA health system. Service agreements define and detail the scope of services and the levels of activity that the system manager will purchase from healthcare providers in a financial year, in accordance with the policy objectives and financial allocations of the Land Government. Service contracts are performed in accordance with Part 5 of the Health Services Act 2016 (the Act). A supplementary service agreement, called the Notional Local Health Network Service Agreement, includes Commonwealth-specific activities and the funding of contracts with third parties that are managed (e.g.B. non-governmental organisations) that offer health-related activities on behalf of the system manager. Service agreements articulate resource allocation decisions and provide the framework for service evaluation. You are the most important budget responsibility tool that defines the roles and responsibilities of the system manager and health care providers. The VA health system operates under a Management Outsourcing Framework (OBM), in accordance with its legal obligation as a WA government agency, in accordance with Section 61 of the Financial Management Act 2006 and Treasurer`s Instruction 904. The wa Health Funding and Purchasing Guidelines contain information on obtaining funding, purchasing policies and mechanisms, and the process of allocating resources for health services within the VA. The OBM Framework describes how results, services and key performance indicators (KPIs) are used to measure the performance of the VA health system in achieving the relevant overall objectives of the state.

ICPs measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the services provided by the VA health system in order to achieve the necessary results. By executing the Service Agreements, Healthcare Providers agree to comply with the service obligations and service requirements outlined in the Service Agreement. The Department Head, as the System Manager, undertakes to provide funding and other support services in accordance with the Service Agreements. Abbreviated versions of service agreements and acts of amendment include: the Service Agreement Management Policy (SAMP) imposes the formal mechanisms and processes by which service agreements between the system manager and healthcare providers are developed, modified and managed, in accordance with the requirements of the law. Compliance with the law by an amending act. The amending act becomes an addendum to the original service contract and constitutes the revised basis on which the service contract is performed. The ministry publishes abridged versions of all service agreements and deeds of amendment after all parties have entered into them in accordance with Annex D9 of the National Health Reform Agreement (NHRA). The Service Management Guidelines (SAMG) contain information on the operationalization of the Service Agreement Management Policy by detailing the processes for developing and modifying the Service Agreement.

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